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  • Donna Lawler
    General Manager

    I was very fortunate to find the Gerald group back in 1987 when I took my first job in the automotive industry.   This group has afforded me countless opportunities to further my career and achieve goals and dreams that I had not imagined possible in 1987.  

    Gerald is a family dealer group that has been built on the foundation of customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty. As General Manager of the store I take this responsibility seriously.  I love the opportunity to speak with our customers and share their excitement and stories about being a Subaru owner.

    In my free time I love spending time with my husband and two sons as well as our new puppy, Hoyt.  He is an English Cream Golden Retriever.        

  • Scott Wolf
    General Sales Manager

    Scott has been with the Gerald organization since 1995.  Scott has been a vital part of our stores success for many years. Please come and see Scott and he will work very hard to get you into a brand new Subaru at the very best price you will find!

  • Jay Hudson
    Sales Manager

    My name is Jay and I've had the pleasure of working with the Gerald Organization since February of 2015. I love the Subaru brand as a whole because of what we stand for; zero-landfill manufacturing plant, award winning residual value, world renowned AWD systems and the Love campaign which gives millions back to the community thru local and national charities year after year.

    As a true Subie! When not helping you find your next vehicle, I can be found with my spouse "Keesha" transporting one of our children to their chosen activities ranging from gymnastics to MMA. As a licensed minister, my Subaru and I brave Chicagoland's varied seasons while visiting local hospitals, attending charitable events, sponsoring youth ministry and facilitating religious services to name a few.

    Stop in to see me any time and allow us to show why Gerald Subaru of North Aurora is the only choice for your next vehicle!!!!!!! 

  • Lee Cuomo
    Sales Manager

    Come in and meet Lee Cuomo! Lee not only specializes in new Subaru's but also pre-owned vehicles as well. Lee is a genuinely great person and we promise you will love working with him on your new automotive addition to your family!

  • Erik Johnson
    Finance Manager

    Erik Johnson comes to us with a vast knowledge of automotive finance experience. Erik works with the leading banks to get you the very best deal you can find. If you are having some credit issues Erik has amazing ties to some second chance financial companies to work with just about everyone and their needs! 

    Also ask Erik about our pre-paid maintenance and warranty extension programs! Do not trust any warranty unless you buy it from the dealer, we back everything up we sell with the Gerald Difference!

  • Sean Ryan
    Finance Manager

    I am a daredevil! I have been known to do some stunt work for Hollywood when they need a Chicago actor and I am currently in the Actors Guild. I do however have a motorcycle habit to fund so that is why I am here to match up people with the perfect go anywhere vehicle....and I know about going anywhere and everywhere so I can put you with the perfect Subaru!!!

  • Jon Dewig
    Sales Consultant

    My name is Jon and I am an ex actor, well I mean I never actually acted but I did have several auditions. My best turn down of my career was with the movie Twins. I narrowly missed out to Arnold but just by a hair...well he has more hair than me and bigger muscles and is better known than me and the final was I tripped over the little guy that was playing my costar and told him he should be forced to wear a cow bell as he is a physical danger to giants such as myself!

  • Mike Gately
    Internet Manager

    Hello, my name is Teddy. This is my human Michael. He's been helping people find the perfect Subaru for 9 years. He's proud to be a part of the Gerald family and he loves Subaru... he and my other human (his wife Jennifer) each own a Subaru and I love driving with them (even to the vet) - If you need help or have any questions... my human Michael is here to help! Just call him directly @ (630) 952-5013.

  • Maris Mullens
    Sales Associate

  • Adam Krupa
    Sales Consultant

    My name is Adam and I've been a part of Gerald Subaru - North Aurora since the spring of 2016. Not only am I a representative of Subaru, I'm also a loyal customer. As a Wisconsin native (Go Packers, Brewers, Badgers, Bucks) when attempting to survive the harsh winters of the midwest nothing compares to Subaru's All Wheel Drive system. Before joining the Gerald Auto Group I spent some time in the hospitality industry and completed an A.A. in Business & Marketing from Western Technical College in Lacrosse, WI.

    Feel free to stop by so we can discuss craft beers, cheese, sports and Gerald's Exclusive Lifetime Powertrain Warranty*. I'd love to be able to show you what all the fuss is about.

  • Darell Cintron
    Sales Consultant

    I was born in Puerto Rico, hablo espanol, and moved then moved to New York City when I was very young. I grew up and still am a die hard Yankees fan! I moved here to Illinois when I was in High School and graduated from Plano Illinois. After High School I joined the US Navy and was a logistics specialist(so I can for SURE find that car your looking for!) After two deployments I came back home and have been here at Gerald since Feb 2017.

    I look forward to serving you and your families vehicle needs anytime you need. 

    Thank you for looking at my profile!
    Gracias y a su orden!

  • Francisco Quinones
    Sales Consultant


    Seriously I only look like Dracula...and play him every Halloween. The rest of the time I am a honky tonk line dancer. My all time favorite is Shania Twain, that lady sure knows how to sing an amazing song to get my line dancing going! 

    If you get to know me I am pretty sure you will like me, I love taking care of my customers and even giving some line dancing lessons Friday nights before close to all of my customers that bought a car that week. 

    Thanks for checking me out!

  • Erika Benitez
    Internet Sales

  • Faruq Solebo
    Sales Consultant

    Most people don't know this about me but I am a Rhinestone cowboy. I was on the PBR, professional Bull Riders tour for four years and one culminating in a world championship. I know the words to every single Garth Brooks song and I did cry when Old Yeller died!

  • Denzel Valenti
    Sales Consultant

    I am a professional chess player. I have a pretty solid game. I mean everyone knows about Forks, Pins, Skewers and Fool's Mate...I take it to another level. I am a grandmaster's real grandmaster. In fact the Color Blue with Paul Newman was actually a story about how I would hustle people who thought they had game and being 4 years old but a Chess genius made it easy for me. My first purchase was a Gi Joe with a  Kung Fu grip and all my friends were jealous. 

    Come on in and I will help you with your game and get you into a new Subaru at the same time!

  • Jake Baron
    Sales Consultant

    My name is Jake and I am a real life stuntman. I did some work on Fast and the Furious and is why I am here. I was Paul Walkers stand in and since he is no longer with us...well I got fired. So I am so excited to be here selling STI's! I can show you how to drive one to its outermost extreme levels, as long as you pay my Hollywood standard fee of $2,499 per every half hour. 

    I look forward to showing you your next amazing vehicle.....

  • Ray Kuykendall
    Sales Consultant

    My name is Ray and I am the real life inspiration for Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I met Will Smith in Philly at a dance club and he loved my sweater vest and my dance moves.

    I am also into Polka dancing. If you know of a good Polka place here in North Aurora please let me know. I know the words to most Fleetwood Mac songs....huuuuuge fan!! I have a pet mouse whose name is vinny, not sure why I have a pet mouse or why his name is Vinny....but I just thought it was a good move. 

    Let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you in your New or Used vehicle needs. 

  • Kenneth Nicholson
    Sales Consultant

  • Tom Webb
    Sales Consultant

  • George Gonzales
    Parts Manager

    Thank you for taking an interest in learning about me. I started my parts career in 1995 and made a big move up to Gerald Subaru in 2004. We have grown a great deal in my time here. When I first started here, Subaru and Nissan were under one roof. I was here for the expansion that gave Subaru our own sales, service and parts areas but still at the same location.  We out grew the expansion and now Gerald Subaru has it's own stand alone building.  The Gerald family gives us all the tools we need to succeed and are great to work for!  I not only work for Subaru but I also drive them as well. My first Subaru made it to 325,000 miles!  I currently drive a WRX and have a lot of fun doing it.  My hobbies include Kung Fu, working out, running ( I have ran the Chicago Marathon), home brewing beer and eating.

  • Brian Trout
    Service Manager

    I am the Service Manager here at Subaru North Aurora. I am originally from Columbus Ohio....Let's Go BUCKS!!! I have been in Illinois since the start of 2016. I have been working in the industry since 1995 and have a passion for what I do. I am married and have been since 2003. I met Erika in Sao Paulo Brazil, where she is from.  I have two German Shepherd dogs Sarge and Greta that we both love very much.

    I am VERY PROUD to have 4 Subaru Master Certified Technicians, two of those being Senior Master Certified!!  

    I am here to serve you. I will try very hard to earn not just your business but your trust. Please give me a ring if you have any questions. My office number is 630-952-5034.

  • Donna Tran
    Service Advisor

    Hello! I've been with the Gerald Subaru family since May of 2015. I love to travel to warm places and hang out with my friends and family. I have 2 dogs, Bubbles and Daisy. Daisy was rescued back in 2011 and loves her new playmate and home. 

    I drive a Rocketbunny BRZ and I LOVE IT! Besides taking it to car shows, I am also planning on taking it to the track one day. I am passionate about Subaru and truly feel blessed to be working with a team that promotes value, love and happiness! 

  • Dave Gonzales
    Service Advisor


    I am a Service Advisor here at Gerald Subaru and I am here to take care of any automotive needs you have! 

    I have been an Advisor with Gerald since 2015 and a Porter for the company before that. I have a cat named Subie....Have I told you I LOVE Subaru?? I have a WRX and I love it! I am single and ready to mingle.

    On my time off I like to modify my car and show it at Subaru centered events. It may not be the most modified car, but it is mine and is my work in progress! I also like to hang out with my friends and family when I am away from my Subaru family. 

    I am here most days, if you ever want to stop by and say hi we can at the same time as we are catching up get your car washed for you for free!

  • Ashley Stefanski
    Assistant Service Advisor

    I've been here at the Subaru store since November 2016 and I absolutely love it! I started training on 11/28/16 and wrote up my first customer that same day. When I am not helping our customers, I'm taking care of my 3 pets, 2 dogs and a cat . They are a handful but I love them! When I am not in Illinois my favorite place is Colorado. I love hiking and exploring new places. Most of all I love my new Subaru family!!

  • Mark Madsen
    Lead technician

    I am a 2001 USAF veteran. I have been extensively trained in auto-mechanics and I am now a team lead for the store. I graduated Valedictorian with honors and am very proud of the hard work I put into school to obtain that. I started working with the Gerald group in 2004 but if you include my experience as a technician in the military as of 2017 I have a total of 16 years under the hood of one type of vehicle or another, but Subaru's are my passion!

    I am married with two children, living in the DeKalb area. My hobbies include ice skating, home-brewing, fishing, target shooting, camping, anything to get me outdoors. I am an avid reader as well and Iove history.
    At work, I enjoy being with a team that shares the same core values and dedication to quality and integrity. Not since my days in the Air Force have I been surrounded by truly exceptional people that put others before themselves. A special thanks to General Manager: Donna Lawler for assembling such talent under one roof. Truly an enjoyable career here.

    I am a Master Certified Subaru Technician. I love the brand and would be happy to serve any of your automotive repair needs. 

  • Kevin Holt

    I have been with Subaru since 1978! I have a lovely wife who is my best friend and partner. We have one boy and three girls and one dog that are the light of our lives. We are very into camping, so much that we have a camper at a campsite all winter long and that is my fun weekend! We leave Friday and then come home Sunday's. I have owned so many Subarus over the years I cannot recount each one. I currently own a 2003 Baja, a 2003 Outback and a 2013 Legacy. After all the years working for Subaru have been wonderful and I am in as much love working on these vehicles as I was when I first started! I love to find out what the cause of a breakdown is and fix it. The harder it is the more I get to use my years of experience to find the fix and deliver a vehicle back to my customer that they are very pleased with.

    I am a Subaru Senior Master Certfied Technician. I have been with Subaru working on cars since 1978. My Service Manager said that I would not be retiring anytime soon though so I will be here for many more years of service to our community. 

  • Scott Thompson

    I have been a member of the Gerald Subaru team since 2008. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my amazing wife Kayla and my beautiful son Owen! I am an Eagle Scout since 2005. I really love working for Subaru, a company that shares my love for the environment and gives back to organizations such as the National Parks Foundation and National Wildlife Federation!

    I am a Senior Master Certified Subaru technician. I have been with Subaru for many years(more than I will

  • James Walls

    Working on cars has been a hobby of mine my whole life. My love of cars began when I was very young, washing and fixing the family car with my dad. I continued this passion for cars through school and graduated with high honors from the Universal Technical Institute. I spent 10 years with Mercedes Benz before pursuing my career here at Gerald Subaru which I have been here since 2016. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my wife and son taking my dog for walks and enjoying the outdoors. A little trivia about me is I am a trained artist and enjoy painting and doing projects around the house. 

  • Kent Parker

    Originally I got my degree in education.  I enjoy helping others, but I decided to switch careers. I have always had a love of cars and Subaru was a perfect fit.  I love working for a company that is committed to putting the best vehicles on the road while preserving our environment.  One of the best parts of my job is providing our customers with the highest level of service and making sure their vehicle is running the way it was designed.

    I recently just completed the Subaru Master Technician program. I am very proud of the knowledge I have gained and look forward to being with and using this knowledge here at Gerald Subaru for many years to come. 

  • Steven Meadows

    I recently moved to the Chicagoland area but I am from Illinois. I am very familiar with the Subaru platform as I have also worked at another Subaru dealership before coming to Gerald.  I love the way Subaru engineers their vehicles and the fact that they are so easy to work on.

    I value my free time and enjoy gaming and bike rides with my wife. Gerald Subaru of North Aurora has made my transition seamless and I am glad to grow with the company.

  • Danial Musial

  • Juan Pablo Jimenez
    Quick Service Technician


    I go by JP and have been with Gerald since 2016. I am working my way up through the organization and have found a real home here with amazing coworkers. I am devoted to the Subaru brand and love to spend time outdoors myself. In the summer I enjoy camping. 

    I look forward to assisting you in any automotive repair needs you may have!

  • Paul Hill

    I'm a very outgoing person and I enjoy the outdoors. I like to go camping in Wisconsin on my Grandparents property. I am a dog lover, they are the best pet because of their loyalty to their owner. Most importantly I love my Subaru's, they fit my lifestyle perfectly!

  • CJ Cox

    As a father of 3 I value safety! I started in 2016 with Gerald Subaru and it has helped me see just how much Subaru values safety as well! I am here working part time, I also work in the IT field and really enjoy that part of my life as well. It is my joy to serve our customers and I also share the same values as Gerald Automotive, taking care of each guest as if they are a true family member!

  • Diego Daniel

  • Jerry Monteleone

  • Jesus Gonzalez

Whether you're coming by to purchase a new 2017 Subaru Legacy or to schedule a vehicle service appointment, your satisfaction is our top priority. It is for this reason that we want you to get to know our team behind Gerald Subaru of North Aurora. Our Illinois new and used car dealership wants you to feel like family and get know a familiar face before you ever stop foot on our store lot. Click a staff member's photo to get more information and learn a little bit about us. Send our Subaru dealership team your questions or stop by and see us in person here at 205 Hansen Blvd in North Aurora, IL!
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